23 June 2009

Morning has Broken ~ Here and There

Although this blog is called "borderLines", it is becoming
increasingly clear to me that 'past' to 'future' is not marked by an exact line of demarcation...

...I couldn't get to the Summer Solstice this year - last year saw me at Stonehenge, plastered with mud, and in a fine misty rain that gradually soaked through my jacket and trousers. I was too far north this year, especially as the show finished at 10pm on Saturday night. The thought of a six hour, 300 mile journey to Salisbury Plain was daunting to say the least; I would have been exhausted by the Monday first-night show (yesterday) when we opened in Buxton. I simply could not face the 600 mile round-trip, together with little sleep.

I was disappointed to miss the Solstice, but I'm not one for repeating things (on-stage or off) in exactly the same way each time. So this year found me pottering around Liz's garden, going off on gentle summer walks and compiling the video below.

The dawn crept up and surprised me, just before 4am on Sunday morning. I took a coffee-break from all the photo-editing and compiling I was doing on my overnight video stint...and opened the back door to the surprise of the dawn chorus...

...The change from night to day was imperceptible. I could see a blackbird on the cut down apple tree - and managed to get the one shot that was missing from the video. I had thought of looking for one on the net, but as all the other pic's are taken by Liz and I, it would have spoilt things somehow...

It was the best spiritual buzz since the last solstice and the link between my feelings of the present with those of a year ago, gave me the odd sensation of approaching myself from behind and placing my hand on my shoulder.

And feeling it

In fact I made two video's - I used the Cat Stevens version of the hymn/song for the first video, simply because it was, in my opinion - the best. (It's not available in some locations, so you may only see a blank screen below.) In order to reach a wider audience, I set off on a search to find another version with the same magic I hear in the Cat Stevens rendition.
I had almost given up when I heard Hayley Westenra.


  1. Henry, just right now the choice of song made me cry buckets...but then when I go, I would love that tune...and Cat Stephens has the tone ( later versions for me just don't do it)
    The images and video are beautiful, well done to you and Liz on such a great capture. I had read your screed in my lunch but work bans vids and AI, hence my comments previously regarding access ;)
    Lovely nature images and hugs to you both or is that too theatrical?
    Proper ones then.......ya know what I mean ;)

  2. This post is just perfect. The video is wonderful. Gorgeous pictures. I love the music you chose. Thank you so much for sharing such beauty.

  3. Henry - I was having a rough week and this reminded me so much of what is important... Beautifully done - Thank you!

  4. Lovely ensemble of images reflecting the beauty and serenity of nature.

  5. Wow! What a Wonderful Site You Have Here! This one is bookmarked to keep up with what you do to ease People's Burdens.

  6. Oh, I so needed to see this on exactly this morning. Thank you Henry!! *hug*

  7. Morning has broken is such a timeless melody. As a person lingers on a given moment, he senses more there that is usually discerned by traditional senses. Thanks for inviting readers to awaken to something new, whatever that is in their conscious radar. It enriches this life now.

  8. Henry,
    you continue to inspire me, I love this song, but your pictures put it in a new perspective. I am sorry you did not get out to the summer solstice, I was looking for that, but I think as they always say, you were where you needed to be. Thank you again for all your support and comments, your the best.
    Take Care,
    Janet xo

  9. Hi ~

    @Chrissy ~ I just love the song. I sang it at school as a tiny one and I chose it for Christina's funeral.

    @tricia ~ Thank you, it means a lot from someone who constantly moves me in their writing and photographs

    @Michelle ~ Coming from the that is real praise - thank you.

    @Nothing Profound ~ Good that you dropped by and commented. I shall return the visit. :)

    @Carolina Nikel ~ Thanks for dropping by. I shall do the same.

    @Tami ~ Lovely to see you :) :) :)

    @Liara ~ You have done such a lot to help my awareness of 'now'

    @Janet - No...You're the Best!! :)

  10. Henry, everyone helps each other in ways that often go unnoticed. To serve others quietly is part of why each of us exists right now.

  11. henry--Thanks for giving me reason to watch your beautiful video again. The new singer is wonderful although I think I still prefer Cat Stevens.

    It is such a moving work of art you present. Thank you again for sharing. ~ tricia

  12. Wow!! How did I miss these. I have been buried with deadlines and had almost no time for blogging. But henry these are just brought tears to my eyes. I actually LOVE them BOTH. The photos are stunning and I LOVE birds. Those blackbird photos just took my breath away. But then when I watched the second video for me the photos are equally as amazing but to hear Cat Stephens sing one of my most favorite songs made me lose it. Oh henry, your love of nature is so moving. You love so many things. I just think you are in love with Life...period. No matter what I am so inspired by these. I jsut worked out how to use RSS feed (I know I'm technically challenged) but I am adding ALL of your site. Yippeeeee!! Hugs and love to you my amazing friend. thank you for warming my heart after a very challenging day. I am reminded of all that is good in the world. I needed that today.

  13. Thank you for your reply, you are one of the true friends in my latest post that I sent thanks too,
    I still think your the best,
    Janet xo

  14. We've just discovered your writings, Henry. Very touching, very real, very alive! We're not at a computer that can play the videos, but we'll be coming again to see them as soon as we're at the helm of a more formidable instrument =) Can't wait!

  15. Henry-your photos are so exquisite. Every year I feel more and more drawn to all these simple details of nature. How incredibly a bird, a grassy knoll, a chipmunk, a flower enriches our lives.

  16. Nature speaks. Stillness speaks. You are everywhere and nowhere all in the same moment. Your soul is in Stonehenge if you choose to be there. Simply close your eyes and visualize where you choose to be. You are there already. Your energy is male and female, passive and aggressive. You are everything and nothing. All you ever do is express and receive love in forms and formless states to expand soul. It is how you uncover what you are and dissolve illusions.

  17. Merlin
    I find you in different places and i love it. Of all the people I have met online you touch me the most. You have a soul and spirit that . . . I can't find the words. Thank you for just being.
    When you get a chance go to my website and look at "choices" and "darfur." Very different types of music. I'm very proud of them and I can't think of anyone I would rather hear them than you. I have to come to England and meet you before one of us dies. You are a great spirit.

  18. Henry, I never made it to Stonehenge this year either, but to be honest seeing the dawn come up on solstice morning is beautiful wherever you are.

    I love what you said about the feeling of "approaching myself from behind and placing my hand on my shoulder" - very beautiful.

    So far I've only watched the Cat Steven version of your film - I do love how he sings that song. Of all the images I think my favorites are of the dandelions (so beautiful and so often overlooked) and the tree pierced by the sun. I think the first time I found you it was when you shared about seeing that tree. Lovely henry, just Lovely. It's good to read that your solstice was beautiful.

  19. Travelling in the direction that soul flows naturally infuses your life with deeper meaning. To be in the moment means no leap anywhere is required.  You are already standing exactly where you are meant to be yet your experience of that is constantly shifting from illusion back to what never left.


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