07 March 2009

The Jealous Spirit

I used to think that people became 'all-knowing' and somehow 'saintly' after they had moved on into the none-physical world. Now I think that some stay earthbound - and some choose to re-visit.


Liara Covert of Dreambuilders left the following comment on my post about 'The Creeping Mist' - in which I describe an ectoplasmic mist that formed in the garden of a house I was staying in earlier this year and which advanced up the garden path towards me. I was rather un-nerved and retreated indoors with some rapidity.


"Fear is ephemeral. Humans create it in the mind and can dissolve it when ready. To feel as connected to the spirit world as you do invites you to ask the next spirit you sense how you could help them. This shift in focus may be just what you need to distract your mind from the illusions of fear and uncertainty. You already know the truth. Simply remove the veil. Consciousness is expanding." - Liara Covert


Sometimes a comment can spark a connection and promote a simple realisation. Dr. Covert was spot-on about my fear; in many ways, I was just not up to it that night. I had finished a very tiring rehearsal day and an aggressive mist approaching up the garden path was the last thing I needed, as I tried to wind-down and get to bed for a much needed slumber before another stressful day.


Sometimes I'm up to meeting and interacting with a demanding person (or spirit) - at other times, I would prefer to duck back down the proverbial alley in order to avoid them.  This particular spirit was demanding and aggressive and so I 'ducked back down the alley'  by closing the kitchen door, just before the mist reached me.


The following evening, I described the event to Phillipa, the young actress I was staying with. Phillipa confirmed that there was a spirit and that she always felt safe and protected, but that the spirit was often rather aggressive towards men (including her ex-husband). Her son had also sensed the male spirit, which had accepted him - but not the other male visitors, including myself.


Perhaps that's why the spirit was lurking (sulking) in the garden.


I guess I should have explained that I was no threat and that he could come indoors.


The trouble was - I did find Phillipa rather attractive....


...In contrast, a couple of years ago I was staying with a lady in Southampton when I found myself enveloped in an ectoplasmic mist that filled and covered the entrance hall behind her front door.  You can read the full account by clicking the following link:("Bathing in Ectoplasm")

On that occasion, I sensed that the mist-spirit was very friendly and  ended up literally bathing in the vapour by smoothing it onto my face and body.


It turned out that the spirit was that of an old lady who used to live there and who had passed away at the exact spot where the mist was thickest. I tried to press the landlady for more information, but she became uneasy and reluctant to explain further. So I left the subject alone.


After all, she had to live there, after I had moved on.


Talking about 'moving on' - I try not to call upon my departed loved-ones too much nowadays. I think it can keep them earthbound and interrupt their own pathways.


But when I really do need help, they are there.




I was fascinated to see that Liara had commented on no less than three of the posts on this blog, at the same time as I was writing this post. 


Another co-incidence - or extra-sensory perception?


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  1. This was very timely. Something decided to pass by here the past week or so. As usual it began with a total electricity blackout in the house (nope, no storm, wind outside, nada. Complete calmness, and the neighbors' lights all on). My husband can never understand it,and I thought, "oh boy, here we go...what is it now?".

    I understand the helping part, but I get a little perturbed at times that the responsibility is on me in this house, because I sense it! And, I get a little perturbed, because many times it causes disturbance and negativity in the relationships here in the house, as well.

    It's such a clear feeling..this time it has been that clear sense of anger and aggression coming head on towards me. It is not my own anger, that can be felt welling up inside of me...and, the sensation almost burns the skin on my face and arms is it moves in..I sometimes feel like yelling out, "I have other work to do, and you are disturbing me! Go away!". I've always heard that when you ask them to go, they must. BUT! I do not always find this to be true.

  2. This is interesting Tami. I have a negative spirit that whistles and laughes and calls my name, with a chuckle, when I am troubled and have a low resistance.

    You could try reasoning and saying that they are welcome, as long as they let you live your life.

    The electrical apparatus: lights etc is, as I'm sure you know. classic

    Sometimes negative entities become attracted via Ouja boards and enter through, as if by a gateway.

    Whatever - a lot depends on how vunerable you are at any point in time - My London psychic Cris told me I was too open....but I've stayed that way because spiritual contact excites me.

    Maybe that's the key...because I now welcome contact, the negative spirit cannot really scare me too much (except when I'm down)

    Perhaps you should ask if you can help in any way and send out feelings of love, or at least acceptance.

    Other than that, if it continues, maybe you should get in contact with a reputable clairvoyant who may be able to identify the spirit.



  3. Yes, I had someone recently tell me the exact same thing about the low resistance. I saw it early in January when I had a slight injury from tai chi, and again in early Feb. with a slight cold that I ridded myself of quite quickly. Although, I sensed it with other things. This one is new, like a wind blowing through.

    No Ouja board here. Haven't seen one of those since I was a kid. Had someone also recently mention a worry about the front door and too much openness (or, portal). I had a strange suspicion of one upstairs when we first moved in, and secured the cubby-door to a storage loft.

    Well, something it is, because several keep mentioning that "openness"...don't think it's me as of late anyhow. My focus has been on grounding the last weeks.

    Good of you to be welcoming. I find it difficult when my concentration becomes disrupted by it! haha. I also don't think it belongs to this house, so it shouldn't become too comfortable here..hehe.

    Still working out the directed emotional energies of living others, and that which is otherwise. Do you have any advice for me regarding that?

  4. I should confess to something that I haven't written about. There is a spirit in my upstairs rooms that does not want me to share.

    So...since my mother passed away, I've slept downstairs.

    I'm happy enough with the situation. Earthbound spirits themselves, are sometimes confused. Many are Jealous of earthly pleasures they can no longer experience. Many of them do not fully realise (or do not accept) that they have passed on.

    They are just like us... indeed they are us...except they no longer have bodies. They are to be loved and tolerated, just like awkward family members.

    You may shout at them, advise them..and love them, just the same as anyone else.

    You have a being that has attached themselves to you, because they have found something they can cling to. Help them.

    Now I know that's hard. So is an awkward son, husband, mother father or whoever.

    They have a lot to learn before they can fly.

    I'll write to you more about this, but I hope others will read this and add their experience and comments because I am learning also.



  5. Well Henry, I read this the other day, but was called away before I could comment. The idea of Liara's is a good one, but I can see where I would have trouble accepting it. All too many times, I am just not in the state of mind needed to accept the presence of other worldly spirits. But then I have my moments when I seem to welcome them, even crave their supportive nature.

    I wonder if I could open my thoughts a little more regularly if the comfort would be there constantly. We all have difficult days, spurred by any number of circumstances. If I only recognize these spirits during those times, does it make me selfish? I think I'll have to ponder this thought a little more, and see if I can't realize their need more than my own.

  6. Hi Henry,
    This post is truly fascinating. I have not come across this in my life yet. I hope I do. By sharing this you have opened my mind up to what could already have been right in front of me but I have yet to lift my veil. I never thought if I asked my love ones to help me that I could be holding them earth bound. I think I will ask less to set their spirit free just in case.
    Thanks for sharing Henry,
    Janet xo

  7. Dear Janet ~ the last part of your comment troubled me a bit. I would not want to inhibit you calling on your loved ones for help - or just so you can feel close to them again.

    "Earthbound" or whatever, is a three-dimensional concept. There is neither "here" nor "there" - just different dimensions.

    The Universe is a resonance - Janet, you resonate Joy into the Universe and to your loved-ones in everything you do - so I really think you should keep up your contact - they and the Universe also need you.

    In any case - what if one of them (or all) become your Spirit Guide(s)?

    Why not ask them if they need your help.

    Much Love


  8. Henry, coincidence does not exist. Spirit are on different planes based on energy vibration, residual emotional energy and other factors. Spirit energy you encounter teaches you about grasping and clinging and mirrors aspects of yourself you have yet to consciously realize or accept. In this sense, spirit encounters can be illuminating tools. As with enything, you can take things at face value (on superficial levels) or delve deeper and learn more.

  9. I don't think we delve deeper than we feel ready to do at any given time. I feel it is ok to have patience with ourselves.


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