11 March 2009

EIleven 11:11 Eleven

A friend of mine lost his mother around six weeks ago. I hadn't seen him for a while and he mentioned how he kept on seeing the combination of '11:11' everywhere - on his phone, his clock etc.
11:11 is of great 'New Age' interest. It involves 1,111 angels whose mission it is to spiritually guide and teach, certain individuals on this plane, toward a higher spiritual level ("Level" is a very three-dimensional concept of a multi-dimensional reality)
"The appearance of 11:11 is also a powerful confirmation that we are on the right track, aligned with our highest Truth."
The Meaning of the Time Prompts
http://1111angels.com/ (amazing)
It is linked to major word events and leads us toward a new age of spiritual resonance.
My friend had taken this to be a signal or a sign of a spiritual contact; a sign that he recognised, but one that he could not understand.
The video below shows a widespread belief that our spirit guides use 11:11 as a way to contact us...
...Then I found the following quote from Solara which I think is so simple and yet so powerful:
"There is a merger between the vastness of spirit and the solidity of physical matter."

11:11 is thought of as two gateways into and out of the spiritual dimensions. I think my friend is being shown a glimmer of an infinite continuation with the joy of reunion.
But there's more...
I'm writing this on the 11th, and when I was reprogramming my animated character on the home page, the computer programme glitched and the thumbnail of the character moved to number 11.
And I'm posting it at eleven minutes past eleven o' clock, on the  eleventh of March; I say that because I can't get the date-stamp to work in this blog. You'll have to trust that I'm an honest and sage old Druid and not a wily old illusionist.
Oh Yes - and to cap it all, there are two "ll's" in illusionist and I've just noticed the mispelling in the first word of the title of this missive - after I had published it.
ps: I finally worked out the date stamp thing


  1. You have an awful lot of 11's going on there. I sure hope it's a good thing. I'm not sure about the connection you speak of, it's just a little bit out side my line of experience. Although I have to admit I'm getting more and more comfortable with these thoughts, thanks to you.

  2. Soul Merlin, if one keeps an open mind, then one stays open to infinite ways spirit communicate with the physical world. An energy being raises self- awareness of synchrony or alignment between energy dimensions when particular events seem to gain new significance. In reality, the truth of the spirit world does not change. Rather, it is human willingness to shift vantage point, perception and senses in order to take in energy vibrations differently. The only reasons you ever have to doubt specific multisensual experience is inside yourself. Spirit are sending you energy vibrational messages every moment. Yet you may not be willing or accepting of all detals offered. You embrace energy more consciously as you gradually overcome fear and other illusions.

  3. "if one keeps an open mind, then one stays open to infinite ways spirit communicate with the physical world....In reality, the truth of the spirit world does not change. Rather, it is human willingness to shift vantage point, perception and senses in order to take in energy vibrations differently."

    Dear Liara ~ I just thought I'd paste part of your comment above because what you write is so exact and illuminating.

    @ Eric...Liara's words are also applicable. Also I think that spirituality should often be fun. Like the Da Vinci code and all the hype, books films etc around it, the good thing is the interest and sheer enjoyment people get from looking at things from a new angle or perspective. (as Liara says)

    Spirituality is so often viewed from an exclusively solemn angle. It should be fun - sadly many people think it is sitting around on clouds, playing harps and being 'good'...No wonder a small boy, on being told what Heaven was like remarked:

    "So if I'm good in Heaven all week - Can I go out and play with the little devils at the weekend"

    Laughter is the music of heaven

  4. Some beings sense heaven is within.When you are on the wavelength of self-discovery, boundaries disappear in favor of something else. You decide what's next.

  5. I have never really given a lot of thought to numerology. However, my friend that I have spoken of before places great importance on it. He also has a private number plate with 11 being the only numbers in it. Hmmm
    I seem to have missed a lot of posts lately, I will have to update my blogroll. It was good to read back through though, although I suspect I would be quite alarmed to have spirits residing in my house!

  6. Henry, I have missed these posts for some reason. I have never heard of this either but as my grandmother is my spirit guide I am going to be watching out. I am totally open to anything and enjoyed the video and your post of strange coincidences too. I like what Liara says that the spirit world does not change but we do.

  7. Hi Henry

    I am glad you wrote about this phenonmenon and I have so enjoyed reading it. I am not sure exactly when I became aware of it... some point in the last 3 years, and since, if nothing else, there is a wonderful feeling that comes over me when I see it.

    I personally like the explanation that it serves as a marker to confirm we are on the right path, for it has come to me, when in the midst of making a decision that was  tougher, etc...

    Whether a simple pattern or not, nature is full of patterns and perfect symmetries, so why not have the spiritual and natural world communicate with us through those perfect patterns and symmetries too.


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