09 February 2009

A Phone Call


It had happened in an instant. A sudden loss of balance - it could have been the spotlights. Then another slight stumble, together with a sweat of concern that it might continue.

And it did.

The vultures of his insecurity began circling his weakness and fear.

"No I can still do that...Not yet".

It was time to stop, before the fear became reality.

(He was near the stage-right wing and so he stepped quickly into the darkness of submission)

A time to accept.


"I didn't want to phone you, but I wanted to talk and I haven't talked to you for a week and you're the person I've known the longest"

She was the young girl who had laughed at him and made him laugh. So many years ago.

"Are you ok?" he said - "I'm sorry I laid all this on you."

"I'm ok."

He felt guilty and lost.

"I couldn't think of anyone else to talk to - I'll phone you tomorrow"

"Yes" she replied

And then he ate his meal; aware of the tears that balanced on his eyelids and glad of the spectacles that hid them from the attentive waiters.

She rang back an hour later.

"Oh yes, I'll ring you in the morning, when I wake up" he said.

"Goodnight - till the morning" she replied.

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  1. Oh good the comments are working now. I tried a few times last weekend to leave a comment. For some reason it was not opening the comment box.

    I love the story, I'm interested to see if there is more to go along with it soon. You have such a clear story written voice.

    I love the new blog.

  2. I hope there isn't more :) I had a dizzy turn the other day on stage and I'm going for a check-up on Monday, just in case.

    When I got back to my hotel, after feeling unwell, old and useless, I wrote the piece and my feelings about my 'funny turn'

    It seemed better to write it as if I were a different person, rather than in the first person.



  3. Phone calls bring you face-to-face with unconscious messages. You are beginning to decode them at your own pace.

  4. To Liara

    I wore my coat
    With Golden lining
    Bright Colours Shining
    Wonderful and New

    And in the East
    The Dawn was breaking
    And the world was waking
    Any Dream will Do

    A crash of drums
    A flash of light
    My golden coat flew out of sight
    The colours faded into darkness
    I was left alone

    May I return to the begining
    The light is dimming
    And the Dream is too

    The world and I
    We are still waiting
    Still hesitating
    Any Dream Will Do.



  5. What an uplifting poetic gesture. It pays to read between the lines and even between letters to savor the hidden magic. Dreams begin within and expand to infinity.

  6. Dear Liara ~ The words are not mine, but those of Tim Rice (of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber)

    But they mean a great deal to me - and I relate to them strongly, especially as I grow older.

    Joseph sings them to me, on stage, every night - and they seem to mirror my own journey.

    I'll find a recording and put it on the sidebar.

    You are an inspiration and I've just written a post (the Jealous Spirit) on this blog.




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