24 January 2009

For Lilly ~ Oz in '82


Yesterday was my first day of rehearsals for the new "Joseph" company - all creaking bones and aching muscles. No, not the shot above. That was taken 27 years ago, in 1982 during rehearsals in Melbourne, when I was a mere lad of 38...it's harder when you're 65 in a day's time.


I dug the snap out of my attic, after reading Lilly's latest post My Australian Odyssey Continued

Looking at my tight red shorts and the Aussie male dancer's equally revealing bun-wrappings, makes me wonder how we ever had the nerve to wear them. Today, any self-respecting Brit would wear knee length baggies (ok Lilly...to cover the disgusting bent knobbly-kneed white and spotty legs that proliferate in Pom-Land)


But take a look at the picture at the top of Lilly's post...
...Oz is the land of the beautiful buns....and while were on the subject....

I once met the singing budgie in a café in Soho



(I’ve just noticed that I wrote it exactly a year ago to the day – Freaky!)


Lilly has been nominated for the Best Blog of All Time, by Eric S of http://smalltownmountainboy.blogspot.com

So why not go to Lilly’s Life and vote for her (you’ll find the badge on her sidebar)

Lilly's Life


Eric has also been nominated for Best Animal Blog for

A blog about Chihuahua dogs, and their unique attitude and personality.

The bottom line is that Eric has four great blogs and your vote will go a long way to compensating for the sore butt he must have, after all the long hours he must spend at the keyboard.


He has cultivated a big readership – A top blogger (It’s tough at the top and even tougher on the bottom) He also gave me the idea for this sideblog (He has one on his sidebar and is a self-confessed UberGeek for working out a brilliant way of doing it)


More on rehearsals and other stuff in a couple of days.

I repeatedly lost this post into the aether and had to re-type it three times and re-enter the links (the last time standing up)


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  1. Henry, Your too kind thanks. I love your side blog. And yes every once in a while I need to find a pillow, LOL.

  2. Great photo for nostalgia and offering readers new insight into yourself. No doubt you discovered the "budgie smuggler complex." A variety of Aussie terms evoke humourous responses. People also tend to look back at things they have done in disbelief. Fearlessness evolves in different directions.

  3. The Budgie Smuggler Complex!!!!!!!




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