30 January 2009

The Creeping Mist

Im up to my eyes in work and I had decided not to blog anymore, until I had time to read blogs. It's a two-way thing and a most wonderful way of communicating - but it has to be two ways.

I'd planned to wait until Monday, when I have a day-off - a day off that stays just outside my reach, like a mirage.

Until a few minutes ago.

I was standing outside the back-door of this week's digs in Brighton (windy, cold and a tad wet). The house I'm staying in is a bit magic - lots of paintings - Phillipa is an actress and a painter - and lots of hats, '40's and 50's tins and paints; wood floors and atmosphere...

...what I'm trying to say is that...If I were a spirit, I would want to haunt this place.

So...I'm standing outside the back door having a cigarette, when I become aware of a mist that seems to be hanging in a circular disk shape, about ten feet down the garden path. The mist at the centre of the disk is more white and solid than at the perimiter...

and it's moving towards me.

There is a moment of panic, when my right foot steps on my left shoelace and I am immobile for a fraction, as tendrils of mist coil out of the disc and reach out at me. I free my foot and step quickly inside, closing the door against the first white strands.


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  1. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, It is good to hear from you again, I know you are busy, but I have missed you. Keep smiling in the mirror! I love this post, There are many of us that I believe experience similar moments. I have been sitting out on my back porch smoking a ciggerate and staring off into the dark of the night. Often times I see figures, or shapes in the stars and clouds, I would like to think it is our loved ones sending a message to us that they are still with us. Or they send Angels to us in place of them. I think that is what happened to you. I think you were being sent a spirit guide or an Angel.
    Thanks for sharing and take care,

  2. To see a mist like that must have been intriguing. I think I would have gone into ghost investigator mode or something. Try to search out the cause and apply a physical reason. But then that would lessen the value of the experience wouldn't it.

    Henry, I think everyone knows you have a time consuming work schedule. I would value your posts, even if you don't have the time to visit. Think of it as a way to keep your many friends informed and entertained.

    Hope you have a great Valentines Day.

    Eric ;)

  3. Fear is ephemeral. Humans create it in the mind and can dissolve it when ready. To feel as connected to the spirit world as you do invites you to ask the next spirit you sense how you could help them. This shift in focus may be just what you need to distract your mind from the illusions of fear and uncertainty. You already know the truth. Simply remove the veil. Consciousness is expanding.

  4. Hi Liara ~ Your comment has resulted in my latest post on this blog "The Jealous Spirit"

    Love and Thanks


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